Project by: Karolina Kotlicka, Marta Kowalczyk

The subject of the project is Helsinki Aquarium of Baltic Sea. The project includes conception of the building and the visual identity of the institution.
The idea of the building is to locate the aquariums under the level 0 – that the visitors can have a feeling of immersing in the wild sea world. At the end of the visiting path, they reach a huge periscope located in the tower, which enables them to see the Helsinki Cathedral (still being below sea level). The aquariums are supported by the technical floor above. The level 0 includes restaurant which is accessible for everyone, small auditorium with independent foyer and workshop rooms. The upper floors of the tower hold offices, museum shop and exhibition spaces. The last floor is the one with breathtaking panorama of the city and the port. The building also associates itself with the archetype of the lighthouse.
The building links the city centre with the Tähtitorninvuoren puisto, hence it becomes an active element of the city life and its inner communication network.

plot – Helsinki habour
site plan
visual id