Music: Robert Curgenven / recordedfields.net

Architectural collages: Marta Kowalczyk

Curator: Paweł Krzaczkowski

Organizator: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana / beczmiana.pl

Partner: Teatr Studio / teatrstudio.pl

Unwell-Tuned Architecture of Dystopia is a sound and visual installation consisting of four architectural collages by Marta Kowalczyk and sound compositions by Robert Curgenven, both referring to extreme architectural ideas of Athanasius Kircher, Ernest Jones, King Gillette and Oscar Newman. Part of the project is a drone-like track emitted by subs which fills an exhibition space with dense and intensive sounds that interfere with the compositions emitted in headphones and acoustic qualities of an exhibition space.

The first version of the installation has been produced by Bęc Zmiana Foundation and was presented in Teatr Studio in Warsaw in December 2016.

plan of the exhibition in Teatr Studio
Underground Manhattan based on Oscar Newman
A Northern English Town based on Ernest Jones
The Human Drift based on King Gillette
Tower of Babel based on Athanasius Kircher
Editing and production of film: Natalia Kobylińska

The “Unwell-Tuned Architecture of Dystopia” is part of Synchronization 2016, the main subject is Unbalanced Architecture.

More information: synchronicity.pl